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Penny whistle

Catalog > Penny whistle

Penny whistle-Pentatonic Penny whistle, flutes, music, instruments
Penny whistle
A wonderful alternative to the more expensive Choroi flutes recommended by musician Jodie Mesler of Home Music making
Penny Whistle

The penny whistle is a great starter instrument. Otherwise known as the tin whistle and classified in the recorder family, the penny whistle is very easy and fun to play. It has six holes compared to eight holes on the common recorder; therefore, it is easier for a young child to play. The fingerings easily match those of the flute, clarinet, saxophone, and recorder. It is and has been used by many professionals to entertain people. The tone is wonderful and sounds very similar to a piccolo. It blends well in tune with the flute, fiddle, guitar, banjo or percussion. The penny whistle’s unique tone has its own personality. Many folk tunes have been written on this little flute.

Penny whistles:

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